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From the shores of the Motherland comes Babatunde the Griot! In Yoruba, Babatunde translates to “The father has returned.” Inspired by the ancient practices of the Griot [Storyteller], Babatunde creatively crafts amazing stories centered around the main character, a little boy named Kweku and his illustrious journeys throughout the continent.


Using his vivid imagination, assistance from the audience, and rhythmic accompaniment from his magnificent djembes, Babatunde masterfully weaves stories laden with strong moral values, keen principles, adventure and fun!


In staying with the traditions of the indigenous natives of the Americas, as well as those found in traditional African tales, BabaTunde incorporates the spirit of animals and call-and-response. Don't be surprised to find yourself singing, dancing and even meditating during this fully interactive program. Once your mind is tuned in and turned on, be prepared to go on a magical journey and become a part of an awe inspiring experience that will not be forgotten.

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